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Ulas Pakkan and Volkan Akaalp formed their cosy friendship and partnership as a result of meeting each other through their girlfriends in 2007. Both producers were dealing with their own projects without keeping track of each other. Ulas Pakkan was studying mechanical engineering while playing drums for a few avantgarde and jazz bands. As a result he quit mechanical engineering and in 2004 he started studying music. He has already started producing acoustic and electronic tracks including a digital I.D.M. album under the pseudonym, ‚Jackdied‘ .

On the otherhand Volkan Akaalp joined the film & cinematography division in 2004. Producing music which was his spare time activity, became his fulltime hobby. His passion for music turned out to be a primary ambition. He quit his division and focused on production & djing. His earlier productions under the alias ‚Jasko‘ a.k.a. Wav was a sensible action for him as he only improved himself via dealing with softwares. After a short period since the duo met they decided to form ‚Gooseflesh‘. The idea behind the Gooseflesh was; reflecting the diverse tastes in various genres to the productions, without hesitating from overground music. Rock, punk, electro, techno, heavymetal, funk, trash and experimental are the main influences for the duo. Nowadays Gooseflesh is ready to rock the dancefloors, working with three different record companies from France, Germany and U.K.