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Fronted by guitar virtuoso and YouTube star Rob Chapman – the internet guitar phenomenon whose channel dedicated to lessons, demonstrations and general guitar nerdery has over 445k
subscribers – Dorje are a hard rock four piece fuelled by massive hooks and technical mastery. The line up of muso stars is completed with Dave Hollingworth (Bass), Ben Minal (Drums) and Rabea Massaad (Guitar) who also have a large YouTube following, with the band collectively receiving over 4 Million views per month.

Taking influence from blues, jazz, metal and everything in between, comparisons could be made to Audio Slave, Karnivool, Tool or even Queens of the Stone Age, but with a distinctly modern twist. Solid yet subtly complex drums and big bass grooves lay the foundation for the low-tuned blues inspired riff-wizardry that weave a tight web to support the huge hook-laden vocals. And of course, the occasional face-melting solo.