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Promo – Doyle Homepage Agent: Daniel Kunkel

Doyle is a morbid metal quartet comprised of Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (former Misfits guitarist) and Alex Story (Cancerslug vocalist) and Drummer Brandon Pertzborn (Blackflag). Doyle’s demented new brainchild is a brutal new brand of horror metal.

In October 2013 Doyle released their premier album Abominator through his own label MonsterMan Records. Abominator is a twisted tale of terror that captures the beauty of the dark side. Check out the Doyle Soundcloud to hear tracks from Abominator. Abominator has been released via Ingrooves/Fontana Digitally worldwide and has Physical distribution in Japan (Nippon/ Columbia), in Europe (Cargo Records) and in USA (Alatvoz) with impressive soundscans,especially considering it was an independent release ! „Doyle“ not only plays tunes off his solo releases but plays a handful of Misfits tunes that have been quoted as „Best Misfits related project to date“. We have done 3 successful USA tours along with 28 items of Merch on the road. We also do Meet and Greet packages at every stop!
Doyle has regularly teamed up with Danzig, most recently headlining several major festivals worldwide doing a „Misfits set“ with great response. And now in 2016 we have seen the „Original Misfits“ Glenn Danzig, Jerry Only and Doyle rock Riotfest in Denver and Chicago in September for the first time in 33 years. What will 2017 40th anniversary of the Misfits bring who knows ??? As these 2 shows went as planned we can expect to see a lot more shows!!!