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Promo – Rest, Repose Homepage Agent: Daniel Kunkel

Rest, Repose is an Alternative Rock band from Seattle, WA. Combining de-tuned, heavy guitar riffs with soaring, melodic vocals, the bands message is one of positivity and unity. Featuring. YouTubers Jared Dines (drums) and Fluff (guitar) the band put out their debut Sleep City EP in December 2015. Rounded out by Josh McDowell on bass and Tony Cappocchi on guitar, Rest, Repose look to tour the U.S and abroad in 2017 and 2018.

With fresh musical blood in new singer Tanner Cowens, the band released their debut self-titled full-length album on May 19th. Reaching #25 on the iTunes chart, Rest, Repose look forward to hitting the road to support the album.