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Based out of Kansas City, Missouri, the Browning fuse the crushing sounds of metalcore with the pulsing beats and spaced-out synths of electronic dance music. Originally formed by singer Jonny McBee in 2005 as a crunkcore project, the Browning evolved into something more serious as they began to incorporate elements of trance and dubstep into their breakdown-heavy metal sound. With McBee the only consistent bandmember since its inception, the group has seen a number of musicians come and go before settling on a lineup consisting of McBee along with guitarist Collin Woroniak, bassist Drew Ellis, and drummer Cody Stewart. The Browning’s debut album, Burn This World, arrived on Earache Records in 2011. Their Earache-issued sophomore effort, Hypernova, was released in 2013, followed by Isolation, their first outing for new label Spinefarm, in 2016. ~ Gregory Heaney