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The journey of Wonk Unit began in the 1990’s when Alex as a teenager formed The Flying Medallions.
The UK punk scene was virtually non existent in the mainstream media but the on and off stage chaos that followed
the Medallions everywhere caught the eyes of the music press who championed their notoriety, gaining them a „press darling“ label.
This ended tragically with the death of bassist Dougie when the band’s tour bus crashed returning from a festival appearance in France.

Fast forward a decade and Alex forms Wonk Unit (name originally intended for a skateboard company).
„I was so bored with punk as a genre but somehow the sound we made sounded fresh – Alex „.
The Myspace phenomenon had just started so the band uploaded the tracks as they were recorded and the
debut album Flying The Japanese Flag was born, originally given away as free downloads.

Trolleys Thank You followed (2011) with Snuff’s Duncan Redmonds joining the band on drums.

2012’s Muffy saw the band take a more experimental direction with acoustic guitars, cellos and trombone.

In March 2014 the band teamed up with TNS records for the release of Nervous Racehorse.A partnership still going strong today.
2015 saw the release of a „best of“ Wonk album „Pwosion idea feel the Wonkness“ on Drunken Sailor records followed by a UK tour with Teenage Bottlerocket then Stateside tour (and Fest debut) in October bring them to the attention of No Idea Records.
2015 ended with the band touring with their mates Slaves (who’s roots lie in the Wonk camp) on their sold out UK tour.
2016 is looking to be the bands busiest year yet with a full European tour in February already under their belt and the festival season about to begin with confirmed slots at Beaded Theory, Boomtown and Rebellion Festival as well as the bands own festival Wonkfest in July.
Mr Splashy (the band’s 5th full studio album) is due for release in September when they’ll be touring mainland Europe again, The USA (in October) and the UK in November.

Wonk unit are an old school touring band with a diverse grass roots following all over the Uk and now gaining momentum around the rest of the world.
Alex Johnson’s creative writing,poetry and artwork play a large part in making Wonk Unit the band they
are with their tee shirts gaining a cult following of their own. Now revered as one of the best live and unique band in punk rock.

Eugene Butcher of Big Cheese/Vive Le Rock summed it up nicely after the release of Trolleys –
„(Wonk Unit) have managed the almost impossible task of having found their own sound.It’s punk son, but not as we know it“.

and Louder Than War after the release of Nervous Racehorse

“Wonk Unit are arguably the future of punk rock; I fully accept that that’s a bold statement, but having had ‘Nervous Racehorse’, the fourth full length album from the London outfit on rotation for the past week I feel they entirely justify the claim…” –