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Mac Stanley is the beloved rocking trio from the South African metropolis Cape Town. They are huge in their home country, so what is next? Nothing else but conquering the rest of the world with their music, of course.

They already caught the world’s attention on 4th of December 2009 while they were performing live at the official fan festival in front of 50.000 people. Besides the fact that they are an extremely talented band, playing melodically, handmade rock, Mac Stanley, above all, understands how to communicate with their audience, no matter if they are playing an intimate club gig or in a sold-out stadium. Moreover, they did support gigs for the famous Metallica or Counting Crows.

In March 2009, Mac Stanley released their first international album “Between 2wo Worlds” in Germany. Their debut was said to be very multifaceted making use of all the musical diversities the band had to offer. Since then, critics and fans were in love with Andy Mac vocals who is the lead singer and this year’s FIFA representative for South Africa. He can catch any note, has a great volume and never loses the feeling and spirit of the song. No doubt, his voice gets under your skin!

Their first single “As I am” became an airplay hit at several radio stations. All the emotions and honesty put into this one song made everybody crazy about this group. Now, Mac Stanley are sending us their new single “Daytrippers” from overseas, announcing their upcoming tour in April. Together with Watershed, in Germany known since their hit single “Indigo Girl” and also home based in South Africa, they are about to tour through our country as a kind of musical warm-up for this year’s Soccer World Cup. Watch out for this lovely couple, you don’t really want to miss this unique chance to see both playing on stage!