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Mo`Horizons consists of producers and dj`s Ralf Droesemeyer and Mark Foh Wetzler. Both hailing from downtown Hannover. Ralf is well renowned for his past work, which amongst others include Cunnie Williams and Randy Crawford. The other half of this dynamic duo is the infamous and ultra hyperactive musician Foh.

In the course of wanting to add a new dimension to their dj-sets and a wider musical range, Ralf and Foh experimented and produced music of their own and from this the idea of Mo`Horizons was born.

The first 2 singles to be released were ‚Yes Baby Yes‘ & ‚Foto Viva‘. Both were instant club hits and hit the top 10 of the DCC German Club Charts. ‚Foto Viva‘ which can only be described as a classic in Downtempo / Nu Jazz, was a radio smash and is still synonymous to the Mo`Horizons sound. ‚Foto Viva‘ would go on to be licensed to over 50 compilations and also be given the once over by latinbossa king Nicola Conte. Further singles saw a string of remixes from Swag, Skeewiff, Bobby Hughes, Only Child, Fort Knox Five and many more …

Within a short time Mo`Horizons had shot into the modern dance & listening music scene. Every single went straight into the DCC charts and ‚Alive Tonight‘ from the second album ‚Remember Tomorrow‘ hit the No. 1 spot. Their diverse repertoire of sounds are used for background music in TV documentries to innovative radio stations who played virtually every track from the albums. Diverse tracks also found their way onto tv – advertising for Ikea, Viva, Renault, Kia Motors, Surf On, D/VHS Video, some entertainment shows in America, Italy and many more …

The first album ‚Come Touch The Sun‘ saw the light of day in July 1999 and set itself as an innovative standard for clubs, radios and dj`s alike. The album created styles, set moods and broke boundaries and tore down all musical barricades – the floodgates had been opened.

The second album ‚Remember Tomorrow‘ dawned on the world in Sept 2001. Pushing the boundaries furthe r and still holding to their musical horizons, Ralf and Foh so endear to. A fusion of Brazil, Latin, Jazz, Soul, Afro, Funk and Soul, integrated with the sound from the 50`s to the 90`s and under the participation of live – musicans from a wide ranging of multicultural origin. ‚Remember Tomorrow‘ was the perfect follow up…

2002 saw Mo`Horizons appearing for the first time as a full live – band. they travelled around the world and played shows in Italy, Greece, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, South America, Australia and others…all the time collecting new sounds and new ideas…

2003 and Mo’Horizons are back again breaking further new ground and pushing the boundaries even further in the name of musical and artistic freedom. The 3rd album ‚The New Bohemian Freedom‘ was released at the end of october. The first single ‚Gonna Be‘ also hails first Mo`Horizons video. New styles, new sounds, new feelings – the new bohemian freedom is kind of being part of the Mo`Horizons.

2005 Mo’Horizons released their first long awaited compilation „Some More Horizons“, featuring unknown tracks by well known artists and well known songs by unkown artists from the 50`s to 70`s, mixed with some exlusive music of their own.

2006 … what are Mo’Horizons going to do now ?
they are still touring as a dj – team and with their soundsystem ( with the genius – multi-instrumentalist Marc Figge and everybodys darling Miss MC Denise M’Baye ) to where the sun is calling them. … but mainly MoHorizons are preparing their own record label Agogo Records featuring the new groundbreaking project The Juju Orchestra and of course, themselves.

at least let’s mention : The songs by Mo’Horizons are appearing on more than 400 compilations worldwide. This is the fact why most people don’t know that they already know Mo’Horizons 😉