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Founded in 2012 by Fernando Schaefer(Drums) the band came to create a twist in the scene of hardcore music in Brazil.

Acid and polemic lyrics in Portuguese and now also in English, make this hardcore band from São Paulo, Brazil one of the most brutal, intense and violent bands in South America.

With 4 albums and 1 Ep released,  10 official videoclips, some of which with over One Million views!!!

The team, which also includes professional musicians such as Renato Romano(Guitars) and Bruno Nicolozzi(Bass).

In November 2015, WORST released the long expected 3rd album, with scorching criticism for Brazilian culture entitled „INSTINTO RUIM“ („BAD INSTINCT“). At the time the band launched a Crowdfunding campaign for the new album just concluded, reaching 128% of the goal set, an amazing success.

The band released in September of 2018 their 4th Full length album “DESERTO” out by BDHW Rec.

Now the band just announce the new Singer!!!

Joe Kenney(Ex Pay no Respect from the UK) join the Family!!!

A new single from a new album it’s on the way and the band went to a next level!!! Worst staying in Europe and available for tours and shows in June, July and August of 2019.