Electric Six Big Country The Hellfreaks

Heute Nacht wird abgerockt!

Subsource verwurschteln alles: das Knurren von Punk, den schwingenden Bass von Dubstep, quälende Melodien, HipHop-Flows, galoppierende Wildheit des Drum’n’Bass und Metal. Synthie, Schlagzeug, Gitarren, Gesang und Doppel-Bass erzeugen einen Sound als ob ein Rottweiler auf Drogen sich auf einer Warehouse Party austobt. „Laptop-Rock“ finden Subsource uninteressant, Rock muss via Beat und Bass direkt gelebt werden. Und damit vereinen sie Raver und Rocker.

23 Uhr Hafen 2


Unfortunately The Low Frequency In Stereo have to cancel their festival shows in France due to a inflammation on the arm of the drummer.
Please see the official statement of the management below:

“I am very sorry to inform that our drummer Ørjan has got inflammation on his arm and his doctor have saide that he can not play drums until June.
So we have to cancel our studio in May and the gigs in denmark and France in May.
We are very sorry about this, but there is nothing we can do at the moment..
We live in different cities and because of megaphonics touring  hiring and practicing in a new drummer is not possible at this moment for these gigs.”


20.05.10 FR-Nantes – Olympic
21.05.10 FR-St. Brieuc – Art Rock

Unfortunately, we have to announce, that both concerts of Princeton have been cancelled.

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07.05.10 Hamburg – Molotow
08.05.10 Berlin – Comet Club

Anlässlich der am 21. Mai erscheinenden Compilation “ Dealing in Antiques“, geben Cats on Fire exclusiv 2 Deutschland Clubshows und werden auf dem Dockville Festival in Hamburg ihre besten Songs von sich geben!!

Also, Termine merken und nicht verpassen!

COF_Dealing In Antiques_small

12.08.2010 Comet Club, Berlin
13.08.2010 die naTo, Leipzig
14.08.2010 Dockville Festival, Hamburg

Tour Poster

On the 27th of April, MacStanley & Watershed will finish their successful tour preforming at the popular music club „Sinkkasten“ in Frankfurt. Even Frankfurt’s soccer pros don’t want to miss the chance to see them playing their last rock show in Germany before both bands will return to their home and this year’s host country of the FIFA World Cup! Finally, we feel well prepared for South Africa!
Tickets available at!

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