Dirt Box Disco
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When Peter Hook and his fellow New Order cohorts released ‘Blue Monday’ in 1983, disco was very much a dirty word. This brave step into unchartered musical territory was to prove a source of huge inspiration to dance music producers throughout the late 80’s and 90’s, and New Order are regarded as musical pioneers by many of the today’s leading lights. As the bass player of New Order, Peter Hook was heavily involved in the development of this brave new sound. And, with over two decades of quality music firmly tucked into his record box, Peter Hook is taking his place behind the decks for a DJ set not to be missed. His style is essentially a mash up of the tracks which defined a musical generation, where the genres of indie and dance were fused together and where boundaries were broken. Featuring tunes from present to The Hacienda / Manchester revolution, some New Order classics / exclusive remixes, and, as you may expect from a man of Pete’s musical calibre, plenty of upfront material to boot When one of the pioneers of dance music offers their own personal insight into the music which defined and styled a generation, you quite simply have to sit up and take notice.