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Since 2004, Cats on fire consists of Mattias Björkas (vocals, acoustic guitar), Ville Hopponen (electric guitar), Kenneth Höglund (bass guitar) and Henry Ojala (drums). Although formed in Vaasa in late 2001, they are currently based in Turku, Finland.

In Finland, metal is the dominant force on the music scene. That might have caused Cats on fire to look elsewhere for appreciation. They’ve played a lot in Sweden, and that’s also where they released their first proper CD ep, Draw in the Reins, on the Gothenburg label Fraction Discs.

Germany and England has also been fruitful territories for them. Hamburg indie label Marsh-marigold released their first full-length record, The Province Complains, in 2007. Since that, they’ve been over to Germany to play three times.

In England, their record was helped by favorable reviews in the music press, most notably the NME (“an indiepop Hallelujah”). They’ve also played London indie night How Does it Feel to Be Loved? twice, as well as shows in Scotland and Ireland.

Last summer, they visited the US for two shows on the New York City Popfest. This February, they will tour Spain before returning to Finland for the March 11th release of their second album.

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