Doyle (of The Misfits) Dirt Box Disco Disco Ensemble
Promo-Maddog Moreti & Scid Dabeatsky Homepage Agent: Michael Schuh

Scared of getting arrested? No worries it won’t happen by Maddog and Dabeatsky, because they just lost their jobs at the New York Police Department. Now they are touring Europe with Rockabilly Rap.  You don’t know what that is? Take a bit of Elvis, a teaspoon of Johnny Cash mix it up with the Beastie Boys plus Akon (just kiddin’) and there you go – Rockabilly Rap!

Maddog concentrates to sing as beautiful as a bird while Scid kicks one of his New York Style Beatboxes..Hey, don’t forget to watch closely & learn something – Dabeatsky belonged to Europes best dancers in 1956 – no joke!