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Word on the street is that if Dave Mustaine and Marc Bolan had a
son, (…not considering biological issues etc..) it would be Aleks,
singer/guitarist (lead) of GERILJA. Since Alek’s bro Simon plays
bass in Gerilja too, Dave and Marc could also be held responsible
for him. No one really knows where Ottar comes from, but he has
gold teeth and the babes love him so who cares?
This, in combination with gerilja’s unconditional love for analog
synths and the almighty 808 drum machine, has resulted in their rad
sound. To cut a long story short, GERILJA has merged early
Megadeth-style intensity with T-rex groove and flair and added just
a tsp of synthesized sci-fi. The combination may seem unlikely, but
that’s not the case folks. It’s the classic rock of the future!
2012 will be the year when GERILJA steps up their game. With a
fresh album packed with top tracks like “lightning death”, “new life in
the blast zone”, “animals”, “the source” and “mirage” what could go
Step up your game and get involved!