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Promo – The Perms Myspace Agent: Michael Schuh

The Perms are an alternative rock group based out of Winnipeg, Canada.  Their combination of well-crafted, melody driven songs and upbeat, energetic live shows have become a staple of the band’s repertoire.

“With every record we try to push our songwriting and musicianship to the next level,” says bassist Shane Smith.  “The same goes for our live shows – we’re always trying to outdo our last performance.”

The Perms’ latest release Sofia Nights is the band’s fifth full-length studio album.  The CD promises to be the group’s best offering to date, relying heavily on The Perms’ pop sensibilities and ability to write stick-in-your-head songs.  High School High is the album’s first single.

“We really tried to push the boundaries of our songwriting on the new album”, says guitarist Chad Smith.  “We’ve grown and matured as songwriters, and I feel this really shows up on our new record.”

The new album is a follow up to Keeps You Up When You’re Down (2009), which charted heavily on campus radio and created a strong buzz within the music industry.  The album produced three singles, two music videos, and tours in Europe, Canada and the USA.  Other releases by The Perms include Better Days (2006) Clark Drive (2002) and Tight Perm (1998).

 “Tapping into a proud power pop tradition that runs from Badfinger to Big Star to Sloan, The Perms have managed to attain that ever-elusive ideal: the perfect pop song.”