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Caviare Days is a psychedelic rock band founded in New York by the sisters Maja and Lina Westin. Besides the Swedish sisters, the band consists of drummer Timmy Grim Fredriksson, guitarist Boris Grubesic and Marcus Arborelius on keyboard.

The band released the single When The Light Is Breaking feat. Ebbot Lundberg (The Soundtrack Of Our Lives) during spring/summer 2013. The single was an immediate hit and quickly got a c-listing on German radio. The debut album Caviare Days was released during beginning of fall 2013, and is produced by Mats Björke of Mando Diao and Jorge Elbrecht of New York based Violens. It is mastered by Frank Arkwright at the Abbey Road Studios. In 2012, Caviare Days have collaborated with the fashion brand GANT and the New York based designer Michael Bastian to create the soundtrack for their mod inspired Fall 2012 collection. In November 2012, Caviare Days did some modeling/playlist- making for the Swedish fashion brand Monki.
The band describes the sound as well-tailored but still dirty, a sound that switches between vulgar luxury and sophisticated barefoot dance. A marriage between the russian 1920’s decadence with the Summer of Love in 1967. With energetic improvised live appearances the band expresses poetic texts, but with a humble approach and with a strong self-distance.