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Giuda’s history dates back in 2007, when from the smoking ashes of Rome’s punk rock cult band Taxi a new project is born. When Taxi’s career is cut short by the tragic passing of their drummer, the singer Ntendarere “Tenda” Damas and lead guitarist Lorenzo Moretti regroup as Giuda. The current line-up of the band is rounded out by guitarist Michele Malagnini (formerly guitar player of the hardcore band Steaknives) adding a second layer of boogie sparks to the mix, while bassist Danilo Valeri (reappearing from an early incarnation of Taxi) and drummer Daniele Tarea, who used to play for a punk rock band called Bagbies.
From the very beginning the sound of Giuda is full of early 70’s pre-punk, glitter days when music was all about monstrous riffs, boisterous attitudes, high energy experimentation and fun. Giuda take that same glammy, proto-punk foundation and fuse it with the grimy, tattered muck of bands like Third World War, Eddie And The Hot Rods and Cock Sparrer to create a timeless arsenal of glam injected, pub rock classics.
Their debut album “Racey Roller” comes to light in 2011: famously described by Robin Wills (The Barracudas) as “Cock Sparrer twinned with the Equals”, quickly becomes an underground sensation.
“Racey Roller”, recorded with vintage all-analogue studio equipment by studio sorcerers Ufo Hi-Fi, and graced with an iconic cover art, courtesy of French designer and glam fanatic Tony CrazeeKid, is released by US indie Dead Beat Records, TKO, UK Damaged Goods and Italian Fungo Records, selling total of 10.000 copies.
Self-confessed Giuda fan Phil King (Lush, Jesus And Mary Chain) wrote about a concert played by the band at London’s Buffalo Bar in 2011: “their performance transported me back to the heady days of watching punk groups play in the back rooms of dodgy London pubs in 1977?. Robin Wills agrees: “This is the most fun I have enjoyed watching a live band since The Fleshtones in their prime. This is no single minded retro trip, but pure energy, loud, tight and concise.”
The big enthusiastic buzz aroused by Giuda and their music and thrilling gigs soon launches the band as new killer star of punk rock scene around Europe: they start touring Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, and the UK with a handful of shows in London.
Giuda decide the time has come for a new album. While the number of gigs keep growing and touring gets more and more challenging, Lorenzo and other band members start writing new songs and playing them live as the set list of their shows patently needs to be enhanced. The sound of the new born pieces is more glam and groovy if compared to those in the first album. Now the music is written for two guitars, the band is more aware about the kind of vintage recording process they’re seeking, in fact they are ready to go back to the studio: the recording sessions at the Green Mountain Studio, again with fellow producer Danilo Silvestri, give birth to “Let’s do it again”, Giuda’s second album, released in november 2014.
The release also marks the beginning of the fruitful collaboration with legendary live promoter Barley Arts, particularly with booking agent Marco Ercolani, whose faith in the band’s growing potential soon turns out in a terrific professional engagement and a loyal friendship.
Giuda take off on a new tour, this time with a widespread coverage of the club network on the Italian territory and heading out on the European tour on a higher level. As a matter of fact, now the most influential underground scene in Europe is watching at Giuda with a mix of admiration and curiosity, and the Italian band is admitted to play some of the most valuable live events around Europe: the D-CODE Festival in Madrid, where they share the billing with top stars like Franz Ferdinand and Vampire Weekends; the Punk and Disorderly Festival in Berlin and Rebellion Fest in Blackpool where the program report NoFX, Killing Joke and others alike on stage along with Giuda; then the Frequency Fest in Austria and recently the glorious Hellfest, in 2015, where Giuda play on the festival’s main stage in the same billing with such rock legends as ZZ Top, Scorpions, Slash and more.

In the meanwhile Giuda keep arousing enthusiastic comments and appreciation on the international media, In fact UK mainstream music media like NME, CLASSIC ROCK, THE GUARDIAN, MOJO hail the band from Rome as one of the most fresh, interesting next big thing around for years. In Italy as well, many important media acknowledge Giuda’s value: LA REPUBBLICA, ROLLING STONE and others write about the band and review their albums and live shows in awe and admiration. The niche where Giuda have artistically grown is destined to widen as RAI1 Tv News dedicate a piece to the band during their 8p.m prime time edition, soon followed by a live broadcast show on Radio 2 national network. It’s still 2014 but Giuda have been running the universe and played more than 50 live gigs in the latest few months.
While key people of the music business highlight their name in many occasions, eg. Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliot lists their single “Number 10″ in his recommended “must listen” Top 200 songs, corporate label BMG Right Entertainment signs Giuda, acquiring the editorial rights of their 2 albums “Racey Roller” and “Let’s Do It Again”
Soon a new tour follows at the beginning of 2015, taking the band play gigs in almost every country in Europe, either as headliner or as special guest in the tours of legendary acts like Turbonegro, Danko Jones, Broilers and alike. The tour will count 126 live shows in just 12 months, while the band start working on a brand new album.

At the turn of 2015 Giuda meet Peter Ahlqvist, legendary founder of Burning Heart Records (Parkway Drive, Millencolin, Turbonegro, Refused and The Hives are among the label’s stunning successes).
The signing of a contract of recording and management for the release of Giuda’s third album, expected by late 2015, leads the band to a new challenge. On November 20th Giuda release “Speaks Evil” with Burning Heart that publishes the album on CD, vinyl and digital version across Italy, Europe, Uk, Canada and the US.
The album is officially presented to the Italian and international audience and media by 2 packed release parties, Rome Orion Club on Nov 27th and The Lexington in London on Dec 5th, sold out in advance.

The Speaks Evil Tour 2015-2016, exclusively booked by Marco Ercolani for Barley Arts, takes off immediately after and is currently visiting clubs and festivals across Italy, Europe and the UK, while it will soon head to the US for more gigs and festivals in the main cities of the country and then be back in Europe with a brand new Summer Tour.