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DJ CAM was born in 1973 in Paris. In 1994 he launched his first label called Street Jazz Records.

1995 he released his first full lp “ Underground Vibes “ . The album is critically acclaimed  worldwide . Cam’s music is so original. Perhaps the best description of Dj Cam’s innovative instrumentale fusion on “ Underground Vibes” would be “ Abstract HIP HOP “ .

Cam did some  crazy world tour : Japan , Europe , Usa …….

1996 : He is approached by Sony .Sony signed Cam for 5 albums . “ Substances” his released worldwide . Once again Cam had rendez vous with success . The tracks on “Substances” were infused with a more melancholy feel than usual , featuring a variety of slick cool-jazz samples. Cam fused his smooth easy-listening jazz samples with the usual hip hop rhytms , but this time round the emphasis was definitely on mellow-music fans only have to take a listen to the soft , velvet vocals of the Indian singer Kakoli Sengupta on the track “ Meera “ to get a feel of Dj Cam’s new style. The album sold over 300 000 . Cam did some big open acts for Massive Attack .

Street Jazz Records becames Inflamable Records.

1997 : Cam released his “ Dj Kicks “ on K7 records.

1998 : Cam drop “ The beat assassinated” . The lp features a lots of mcs such as Channel Live , Silver Bullet ….. The album allowed Dj Cam to get back into the hip hop groove wich he discovered at the age of 12. The singles are remixed by Kenny Dope , Thievery Corporation , Attica Blues ….

Cam did his first big American tour . He remixed the same year Miles Davis , Macy Gray , Jean Michel Jarre .

2000 : Cam released “ Loa Project” an album based on the voodoo culture , drawing on the cult’s trance – like music and hypnotic beats . The album is instrumentale ,  a return to Cam’s favourite style of music : “ The Abstract Hip Hop “ . Dj Cam’s track “Voodoo child” featuring Afu Ra is remixed by hip hop living legend Dj Premier. Cam remixed “ Ford Mustang” by Serge Gainsbourg and “ Highlife” for Cypress Hill.

2002 : Dj Cam released a “new soul” album called “ Soulshine” . The project features China , Inlove , Guru from Gangstarr, Donnie , Anggun , and the funk legend Cameo . Differing radically from his former work , “ Soulshine” only contained unplugged tracks , and as little sampling as possible.

The track “Summer In Paris “ featuring Anggun is a worldwide hit . Over 1 000 000 singles sold.

“Love Junkee” featuring Cameo is remixed by the great Jay Dee aka J Dilla . Cam with his live band did the Montreux Jazz Festival , The Nice Jazz festival …..

Dj Cam  remixed “ You rock my world “ for Michael Jackson and “ Made You look “ for Nas.

2005 : Cam released a mixed cd called “ My playlist” on Wagram Records . His personal selection of music . Including tracks by Kenny Dope , dj Spinna , J Dilla , West Street Mob …..

2006 : Recall Records released “ Revisited By” . A collection of all Dj Cam’s singles , revisited by Bob Sinclar , Kenny Dope , Dj Premier , Thievery Corporation , Kid Loco , Flytronix ….

2007 : “ A rebirth of cool “ by The Dj Cam Quartet on Wagram records.

Cam did also a special hip hop album “ Xtasy for ladies” for the Us market , under the name of Bouncer Crew . The Crew  features Mc Eiht , Med  , Buckshot , Roc C , Supastition , Inlove …. All the beats and track are produced by Dj Cam .

Cam produced the first Lp of INLOVE . A beautiful mix of Sade , Feist , Dusty Springfield ….

2009 : Cam has finished  his new lp “ Seven” . His real new studio album since “Soulshine” in 2002.

“ Seven “ will be the following of “Substances” . “Seven “ features some tracks with  Chris James from Stateless , Inlove  , Nicolette and Mc Eiht …… The first single will be “Love “featuring Nicolette , out November 2009 . Enjoy !